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Book Cover Redesign (2020)

Designed for: Printed Book Cover

Concept: The goal of this project was to redesign an existing book cover to be primarily typographical while still capturing the essence of what the book was about. "The Queens Gambit" is a fictional novel about the story of Beth Harmon, an orphan growing up in the 1950's that rises through the ranks of the chess world while struggling with identity and addiction.


I chose this book to redesign because the original cover felt outdated and  lacked elements to accurately portray the drama and dark understory that is told throughout the novel.

The choice of type in the title was chosen to portray the opulence and fragile elegance of the 1950's that Harmon experiences throughout her life.


The Imagery of a Queen's chess piece highlights the chess move that is the namesake of the book while also providing a grounding image for the shadow behind it. The choice of the looming shadow is to highlight the darker elements of identity and addiction that follow the "queen" of the story during her rise to fame, Beth Harmon.

Screen Shot 2020-11-30 at 11.16.34
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