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Opportunity of a Lifetime (2020)

Designed for Print: 16.5" x 10.5"


"Opportunity of a Lifetime" is a timeline narrative project that uses data visualization and research to create an informational centerfold magazine spread.


I researched, wrote, and designed the entire spread to showcase the Mars rover, Opportunity, and its biggest milestones and pictures. With a target magazine of National Geographic in mind, I designed this with the idea of it being engaging for both kids and adults.

tyler_wong_timeline_spread copy.png


tyler_wong_timeline_Final Left.png
tyler_wong_timeline_Final Right.png

Here you can see in more detail the entire spread. The project focused on data collection and visualization. After collecting a spreadsheet of miles traveled and achievements made in chronological order from NASA's public database, I decided to highlight a few key moments of Opportunity's mission as well as some of its most famous pictures taken. I centered the design using the Opportunity's actual traveled route as a fresh take on a typical timeline. 



There were many iterations of this project. This was one of the earliest that set the foundation for the aesthetic of the final product. I chose to do away with the year/mile markers that were on this version to make room for pictures and narrative information that would allow the reader to understand the story of the Opportunity rover more fully.

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