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Typographic Collection (2020)

Designed for: Various Prints

Concept: One of the fundamentals of design is working with typography. This project was aimed at designing a series of print and digital designs using limited elements of typography. Some of the designs in this series only have change in alignment and size, others use all elements of typography such as kerning and leading in addition to alignment and size. 

In order to figure out the direction to take each item, I made multiple iterations of each portion of this project and then brought together the collection through a common color pallet.

This project helped me to develop a process when designing by starting with multiple ideas and iterations and narrowing that down to a final product.

Project 2 - Step 5.JPG

Pygmalion Script Layout

Project 2 - Step 2.JPG

Recipe Card

Project 2 - Step 4.JPG

Instagram Poem Square

Project 2 - Step 1.JPG

Snapchat Ad for DeYoung Museum

Project 2 - Step 3.JPG

SFMTA 5 Fulton Bus Schedule


As mentioned before, multiple iterations were created throughout the design process. Below are some examples of the different design directions that were created initially before deciding on the final layouts.

Project 2 - Step 42.png
Project 2 - Step 23.png
Project 2 - Step 32.png
Project 2 - Step 33.png
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